Why e-Commerce?

Why e-Commerce

The Internet has made it possible for us to become connected in many different ways. From social media to business relations across all sectors, Internet Technology has become a vital part of our everyday lives. One particular activity in which we all participate on an almost daily basis is now also more convenient with the use of the Internet. And that is shopping or e-commerce.

E-Commerce trends

Worldwide e-commerce is valued at approximately $3 trillion. It’s a highly competitive market so it’s vital that businesses stay on top of the latest e-commerce trends and keep ahead of the competition.

You can now shop on Google via Google Shopping. This means that products for sale from online Shops appear within Google’s search results. A powerful tool when reaching new customers.

People are shopping through Social Media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make it possible to integrate e-commerce products directly on these platforms. This is another way to boost e-commerce traffic and sales for online Shops.

AR and VR are becoming part of the e-commerce experience. This is because there is a small problem with e-commerce, that customers cannot touch or feel the products they want to buy. However, with the introduction of AR and VR in recent years, this will make it possible and it’ll revolutionise the customer experience.

The Benefits of E-Commerce

E-Commerce has made many things possible that traditional shopping trends simply cannot do. Firstly, there are now no geographical limitations for customers. One can visit any online store worldwide – as long as they have an Internet connection. This saves costs in travel and there is a wider market to sell to.

Sales and bargains are made more readily available and customers get these through social media and email. Products can also be compared across different stores as well as customer feedback, which is made available online for other customers to make informative decisions when making an online purchase.

The Stats

Some interesting stats from 2019 indicate the e-commerce is a rising tech in years to come.

Amazon is currently the leading online retailer with a net revenue of approximately $230 million in 2019.

Google Shopping has drastically increased e-commerce conversations, with 35% of Google product searches resulting in transactions within 5 days.

Free shipping is extremely important for potential buyers. Approximately 80% of US consumers say they would more likely shop online if shipping was fast and free.

In conclusion, it’s a no brainer to get your business online and into the online shopping environment. If done right, and the correct tools are used, your business can dramatically grow from adopting an e-commerce approach. Check out the e-commerce packages offered and get your business selling online.